Windshield Repair Scams

Windshield Repair Scams - Auto Glass Repair

Windshield repair scams are very common- more common than many people think.  Most people don’t know very much about the auto glass repair industry so they trust the information their given by “experts.”  While most auto glass repair shops and repairmen are very honest, there are some bad apples out there who try to take advantage of their position.  Often, these swindlers target people who don’t understand what’s going on—like the elderly, people with a limited grasp of English, and teenagers.  So it’s important to stay informed about common windshield repair scams and take steps to avoid them.

Common Windshield Repair Scams

A common scam involves a person who approaches an unsuspecting person and telling him or her that they are in grave danger because of structural damage to their windshield.  He’ll make up laws or facts about windshields, and generally do anything it takes to get people to stop. In some cases there’s nothing actually wrong with the windshield; in other cases the windshield may have some damage, but not to the extent claimed. There have even been cases where the scam artist has broken the windshield himself, just to get the opportunity to repair it!  The scammer tells you he will look at it or fix it for free, but then asks for your insurance anyway in order to file a claim to fix the windshield without telling you.

To avoid this scam it’s important to remember that someone you meet in a parking lot does not constitute a repair shop.  And if it’s free, you should not need your insurance information.

Another type of windshield repair scam takes place at body shops.  Consumers come in with a chip or small crack in their windshield and the shop will tell them they need to have their windshield replaced.  It’s important to know that most small cracks and chips can be repaired, and repaired fairly cheaply, sometimes with a kit from an auto parts store. It’s in the financial interest of the dishonest repair shop to get you to pay for a new windshield when you don’t need one.

To avoid this scam, simply put off the repair until you have had a chance to check it out on your own. Be an informed consumer.  Make sure the repair place you’re going to is legitimate and do some research about the type of damage you see before having it repaired.

Additional Help

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