Are Carpet Cleaning Chemicals Harmful for Pets

Are Carpet Cleaning Chemicals Harmful for Pets Carpet Cleaners

Carpets and rugs take a lot of abuse and inevitably need to be cleaned. This cleaning often involves the use of many different chemicals, so pet owners may be asking themselves, are carpet cleaning chemicals harmful for pets? The answer to this is yes and no.

Some carpet cleaners, and spot removers in particular, can be very dangerous. These products contain chemical solvents that dissolve dirt without soap or water, but give off strong odors as a tradeoff of sorts. These odors may contain chemicals that are not safe for human consumption, and certainly not okay for pets, who are smaller in body size and closer to the ground. During the cleaning process, the chemicals in carpet cleaners and protectors evaporate and may be concentrated in the air. This indoor air pollution is even more likely if the area isn’t well ventilated, or if the weather is hot and humid. This chemical pollution can cause headaches, irritation to the eyes, nose, and lungs, congestion, nausea, sneezing, and other problems. Some of these chemicals have even been reported to cause sever diseases like Kawasaki Disease, although the evidence supporting this is limited.

In short, it’s very possible that carpet-cleaning chemicals are harmful for pets. Many people have reported that their pets have grown ill and died not long after a carpet cleaning – even cleaners claim their products are not pet-safe. If you want to avoid these complications, be certain to avoid carpet-cleaning methods that utilize large amounts of chemicals and be sure to interrogate the carpet cleaners (and their superiors) about the ingredients within the products they use. Even if the supplies claim to be pet-safe, it may be a good idea to research the ingredients to see if anyone has run into any complications. If not, purchase the pet-safe carpet cleaning supplies.

Pet-safe Cleaning Methods

If you want to keep your carpets clean without the use of chemicals, you’ll want to vacuum often, especially during the summer when your pets shed more frequently. You can make a spot-cleaning solution by mixing vinegar and water. This mix is both natural and quite safe for pets, they just won’t care much for the smell (but then again, who does?).

Professional Help

If you want your carpet cleaned professionally, call your local carpet-cleaning company and ask them what products they use. Research these and if they seem okay, feel free to book an appointment. If you need help finding a local carpet cleaning professional, consider using TalkLocal to find a carpet cleaning company for you. TalkLocal is a free service that will connect you with top-quality, reputable carpet cleaning companies in your neighborhood within minutes. Just enter in your specific problem, location and availability, and up to three companies will call YOU directly, saving you the time and stress of finding one yourself.

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    Carpet cleaning is important for an assortment of reasons. Regular vacuuming should be performed to the accumulated soil, allergens and other particles in your carpet. By removing as much dry soil as is feasible from your carpet, it enables the carpet to will begin to perform as an efficient indoor air filter to handle airborne particles. This is especially significant within the winter season when we tend to remain our windows closed and stale ticket isn’t replaced with fresh outdoor air typically. Carpet is able to keep airborne debris from becoming airborne again as is definitely the case with hard floor surfaces.

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