Setting up Three Monitors on One Computer

Setting up Three Monitors on One Computer - Computer Repair

Having one monitor is okay, having two monitors is good, but having three is amazing! If you have multiple computer screens to work off of you can multitask and be more productive because you wont have to switch windows in one screen.  But setting up multiple monitors can be kind of a headache.  Adding one monitor is easy but the more you add the more of a headache it becomes. Here are some tips to help you set up three monitors on one computer.

How to:

In order to configure three monitors on one computer you can buy either video cards or VGA cables.  When trying to do something like this there are couple things you should consider and do.

The first and probably the most important thing is to buy your monitors.  You should try to get the same model, size, and build so that you don’t have to strain when looking at them all.   You should then install graphics cards into the computer.  Before you do this make sure you aren’t violating your warranty. Inside should be 5-8 PCI slots on the side facing the back of the computer box.  You can just insert the video cards and close the computer back up.  After the cards are installed you can set up the monitors.  You should just connect them with the cables to the back of your computer.  You computer should recognize them and detect them immediately.  Once recognized you can configure them.  Just click on the desktop, go to properties, settings, and then click on the secondary monitor.  You can arrange them however you want. Then to add the next one you can click on a new monitor, and then on “extend my window desktop onto this monitor”.  Apply these settings and you should be good to go.

To add the third monitor you should buy a PCMCIA video card to go into the side of you computer.  As soon as you insert it you should be good to go.  Many people also buy Ultramon which allows you to have a taskbar in each computer.  This program will help you when using three monitors by making your life easier

Continuing Problems

If you are having issues trying to install three monitors even after reading this you should seek professional help.  Use TalkLocal to be put in contact with a reliable local IT service company within minutes.  Simply input the problem you are helping and your availability and TalkLocal will do all the work.  You will be connected to a professional almost immediately.

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