Relieve Tooth Extraction Pain

Relieve Tooth Extraction Pain - Dentists

Relieve Tooth Extraction Pain

Are you having pain issues following a tooth extraction? Your doctor likely prescribed you something after the extraction to ease the pain. However, if you find that these medications are not helping you deal with the pain, it is best to talk to your doctor directly about the problem (since the doctor knows exactly what kind of procedure you had done). You can also take steps to ensure that the healing process goes well.

How to Ensure Smooth Healing

After the dentist dislodges the tooth forcefully, your body is going to bleed no matter what – and since the breach in the blood vessels (the place in which the tooth used to be) is concave (as in, caved in), the blood clot is going to form in the concavity of the gum. It is best to not upset this clot – when you dislodge the clot a new one has to form, altering and hindering the natural healing process.

So take care to avoid dislodging/upsetting the naturally forming clot in any way. It’s also a good idea to sleep, since the body heals fastest when it is not using excess energy – also limited movement while sleeping helps against dislodging the clot.

Avoid any actions that may dislodge a blood clot:

– Smoking

– Spitting excessively

– Operating an oral instrument

– Eating foods that involve a lot of chewing

– Drinking from a straw

Even if the clot gets dislodges or falls out, don’t panic – just let it be. A new clot will form.

Bleeding signifies that blood vessels are open. That means that your body is more susceptible to germs and infections than before. Maintain good hygiene and double check the foods/objects that you are putting inside your mouth in order to prevent infections.

Be gentle when you clean your mouth. Dentists recommend washing the mouth frequently with salt water in order to kill any harmful germs/bacteria within your mouth. However, salt can cause pain when it is applied directly to wounds in excessive amounts.

Additional Help

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