How Often Should Lawn be Mowed?

How Often Should Lawn Be Mowed? - Landscapers

It may still feel like winter, but spring is just around the corner! And that means blowing the dust off of our gardening tools and preparing to freshen up our lawns and gardens. As we begin to see more sunlight and less snow, mowing the lawn will once again become a regular routine. But how often should we mow the lawn? Does it even matter? As it turns out, it does.

How Often Should Lawn be Mowed?

Several factors should be taken into consideration when deciding when to mow your lawn: fungus prevention, moisture preservation, tilling or spreading fertilizer, proper trimming, and beauty. Most lawns should be mowed once per week, but if you use fertilizer, your grass will grow more quickly. Be careful not to cut more than one- third of the height of the grass. If you violate this rule, you risk damaging your lawn because you will be cutting off some of the stem of the grass blade. This results in a yellowish tint to your grass. Furthermore, over-cutting the grass will put it at risk of fungus and disease.

Other factors for judging how frequently your lawn should be mowed are the type of grass, the season, and your location. For example, if grass is cut too short during the summer months, the stems will be exposed to more heat and are likely to burn, turning brown.

Proper Tools and Procedures for Lawn Mowing

When you mow the lawn, make sure you use a proper lawnmower, rather than a trimmer. A trimmer can cut into the soil and weeds will grow where the soil is disturbed. A lawnmower’s blades do not reach down as far as the soil, and so it will not encourage weed growth. A lawn mower’s blades should be set at least an inch off of the ground to ensure that you do not cut the stems of the grass.

Make sure you keep your lawnmower’s blades sharp. A dull blade can catch and pull the grass out from the root. Also, do not mow your lawn when it is wet. Mowing in wet weather will leave your lawn uneven in height and make it look patchy.

Additional Help

Your lawn should be mowed regularly, not only for the aesthetic appeal but also to prevent patchiness, damage, disease, and unwelcome insects from taking up residents in your lawn. Contact TalkLocal to put you in touch with professional landscapers in your local area. We will connect you with up to three landscapers who will be able to properly care for your lawn. It only takes a few minutes!

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