Increasing Curb Appeal

Increasing Curb Appeal Landscapers

Curb appeal is the aesthetic appeal of your home from the outside. It is the very first impression everyone gets, including potential home-buyers, that will decide whether they want to see what’s inside.  There are many simple, easy, low-cost improvements which can all be done in just a day that will result in increasing curb appeal for your home to all future visitors.

1. Replace Old Hardware

Hardware that’s tarnished and showing its age (like house and mailbox numbers, lock sets, and handles) may cause your house to look dingy and aged, especially if they’re of different styles and ages.  One of the easiest things to do is to replace all the hardware at once, making sure that whatever style you choose to go for stays consistent throughout the hardware (such as bronze or brushed nickel).

2. Give your mailbox a makeover

Your mailbox is undoubtedly one of the first things that visitors see, so you can use this as a platform to create incredible first impressions.  Mailboxes should complement a home and match the aesthetic that you’ve created, so you should paint or stain the mailbox to match the trim and wood of the house.

3. Install outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting illuminating a walking path can really improve your homes curb appeal, providing both security and a soft luminescence that makes your house stand out at night.  Low-voltage or even solar powered lights can make installation really easy and energy efficient.

4. Wash your house’s face

The normal wear-and-tear and dirt on the outside of the house can negatively affect any first impressions.  Just using good ole soap and water with a brush can really help remove any dirt and dust that may be covering your house’s good side.  Also, you may want to consider renting a power washer to restore your walkways back to their natural and beautiful color.  Washing almost all surfaces, including windows and the garage door (yes, the garage door), is a must.

These are all easy one-day tips, but there are also a lot of other home improvements that can significantly increase your curb appeal, such as replacing your gutters or redoing your driveway.  If you don’t have the time yourself to do these improvements, you can always use TalkLocal to talk immediately with a local, highly rated handyman or landscaper.   You’ll be impressed by how fast and easy it is!


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