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Basic Home Security Locksmiths

A basic home security plan does not necessarily come in the form of sirens, flashing lights, or a fancy surveillance system.  In fact, these measures are virtually futile if more fundamental practices are ignored.  If you opt out of a more advanced system or simply want to get the most out of the one you have, you must follow the basics of home security.

First and foremost, always lock your home when you leave.  It may seem ridiculous to mention, but many burglaries occur by the simple acts of walking into a house and gathering possessions.  This task includes closing and locking windows and any other buildings on the premises.  Anything left unlocked brings a potential intruder closer to his goal.  Also, do not keep spare keys in obvious places outside your home.  Everyone knows to look for a key in the hanging flowers or under the doormat outside the front door – burglars are no exception.

Investing in quality equipment is definitely a valuable practice.  Locking your doors and windows is useless if these structures are easily compromised.  An extreme compromise could occur if you lose your keys.  In this case, change your locks immediately.  Even if your keys do turn up somewhere, you never know who may have already made a copy.  In a similar fashion, it is advisable to change your locks whenever you move into a new home.  You do not know who had access to the area for building, repairs, or installation before you arrived.

One of the most dangerous things you can do in home security is let a potential intruder know that you are not home.  An unoccupied house is definitely a more vulnerable one.  Therefore, leave some lights on when you are away.  This can also be taken a step further with the installation of timed lights.  No one would guess you are out if there are lights being turned on or off at different times of the day or night.  These mild tricks can go a long way in the protection of your home.

There are a few basic things to consider when you are at home, as well.  Principally, it is never a good idea to keep heavy vegetation in front of your windows.  If a trespasser is lurking around your home or is even blatantly in your yard or driveway, you would of course want to know.  Dense trees or shrubs can block this from your perception, putting you and your family at risk.  Yet, not all window obstructions are dangerous.  Window shades are actually a very protective measure.  Unlike trees and bushes, you can control what is being seen and when it is being seen through the use of window shades.  Possible burglars could see what you are doing or even learn daily routines by viewing you through an open window, so preserve your privacy.  Window shades do not always indicate that you cannot look out, either, so this is a great way to gain the upper hand.

If you do plan to be gone from your home for a long period of time, do not leave it unwatched.  In addition to all the previously mentioned tips, alert your neighbors as to your absence for some extra surveillance.  Even if you have a full home security system, it is never a bad idea to have more eyes on your house.  Additionally, lock up your most valuable items before you go.  The use of a safe is recommended, but it is advisable to at least lock your drawers and closets.  Should someone break into your home, you want to create as many barriers as possible.

Even if you find a full home security system unnecessary, these tips and tricks are great ways to protect your house against threats.  And again, even the most advanced system is wasted if you do not follow the basics.  If you have any other questions regarding home security, contact a locksmith for some expert advice.  Utilize TalkLocal to easily find a company near you!

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