Peanut Butter on Mousetraps Not Working?

 peanut butter mouse traps

Peanut Butter on Mousetraps Not Working?

Do you have a pesky mouse problem that just won’t end? If you are using mousetraps to fix your rodent problem, you are on the right track. Mousetraps can be an effective way to kill any unwanted mice that may be living in your house. However, it is important to use the right type of bait to maximize the success of the traps. There are a couple of different types of bait that you may find more effective than peanut butter for your mousetraps.

More Effective Bait for Mousetraps

High Sugar Foods: Mice like foods with a high sugar content like grains and fruit. Peanut butter can work in some situations, but if you have not found this successful try moving on to a different type of food. Keep in mind that when you use food as bait, you are more likely to catch male mice that are out hunting for food.

Lint or Cotton: Consider putting lint or cotton in some of the traps. This will help you catch pregnant female mice that are out looking for nesting material. Getting rid of pregnant females will exterminate your problem much more effectively than targeting males.

Still Having Rodent Problems?

Try one or both of these types of bait to maximize your at-home pest control. If you still have a rodent problem after several attempts, consider hiring an exterminator. TalkLocal will connect you to up to three local pest control professionals in minutes!

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