How to Give your Dog Medication

How to Give Your Dog Medication - Veterinarians

If your dog is sick, you might be a little nervous about getting your dog to take his medicine. Read this guide for some tips on how to give your dog medication.

Pill Medication

If the medicine is in pill form, you should try opening your dog’s mouth and putting the pill back as far as possible on his tongue. Then close your dog’s mouth, angle his head up, and stroke his throat until he swallows. Be very careful when you do this because you could get bitten. This doesn’t always work, so if it doesn’t you can always try to trick your dog by putting the pill in their dog food, or if worse comes to worse try using peanut butter (but only in small amounts).

Liquid Medication

If the medicine is liquid, you should angle your dog’s head up and then put the syringe with the medicine inside his/her cheek. Keep the dog’s head elevated so the medicine can slide down his/her throat.

Ear Drops

If your dog needs ear drops, you should place a towel over your lap and try to get your dog to rest his head on your knees. Hold his ear, insert the ear drops and rub your dog’s ear. Rubbing the dog’s ear helps to let the medicine settle inside the ear, and may also calm the dog down.

Eye Drops

If your dog needs eye drops, you should try sitting with your dog between your knees and angling their head up so you can hit them with the drops from behind.

Additional Help

Whatever medication your dog is receiving, it’s obviously important that you stay calm during administration, because your dog will almost certainly resist. If you need a veterinarian to give you tips on how to give your dog medication, don’t hesitate to use TalkLocal to find a vet in your area! We will connect you with up to three local veterinarians within minutes!

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