Computer Stuck in Installing Updates

Computer Stuck in Installing Updates - Computer Repair

Computer Stuck in Installing Updates?

Updates can be annoying when they become stuck. If the update download has not raised a percentage in thirty minutes and hard drive light is not constantly flitting, the updater is stuck. The updater being stuck does not stem from major problems in the computer and can be easily fixed by some simple solutions.


There can be various problems to make the updater become stuck. These can be simple with the updater conflicting with software on a computer. For example, Windows Vista had a problem with updating before the update, SP1, was installed in the computer. There could also be a problem that has not come to light until the updater started.



The problem can be easily fixed with a simple restart of the computer. In the restart, the software conflict can be resolved so that the updater is in working order. If the updater is downloading files and is stuck:

1.      Go to the Start Button.

2.      Find either the power button or shut down with an arrow point right.

3.      Click the right arrow.

4.      Click on restart.

Safe Mode

Safe Mode loads the minimum drivers and services, and any software that is conflicting with an update is not loaded. Safe Mode can fix the problem easily and fast. To go into Safe Mode:

1.      On the boot-up screen, select the boot options menu.

2.      In the boot options menu select Safe Mode.

3.      If installation of the update is successful restart the computer so, the computer boots normally.

System Recovery

There is a way to go back to before the update started, if some of the update files were downloaded. To go to system recovery:

1.      Go into Safe Mode.

​2.      Click on the Start Button.

3.      Click on All Programs.

4.      Click on the folder named Accessories.

5.      Click on folder named System Tools.

6.      Click on System Restore.

Additional Help

These easy solutions should help with the simple problem of a stuck updater. If these solutions do not work, a professional should be contacted. TalkLocal will connect you with high quality professionals in your are who will be able to help you when you need it.

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