Custom Built Computer Freezing

Custom Built Computer Freezing - Computer Repair

When you take on the task of building your own computer, or making modifications to better suit your needs, you want to make sure that it will last and serve you well.  But is your custom built computer freezing? There could be a few things wrong with it, but fear not!  If you could custom build your own computer you can surely fix this problem.

Potential Problems

There could be a few things wrong with your custom built computer that will result in freezing:

1) Overheating

2) Faulty RAM

3) Faulty programs


If overheating is the problem you should identify the problem and work to fix it.  Listen to your computer.  If the fan sounds like it is working too hard or making too much noise then the CPU could be getting too hot for the computer to handle.  Check to make sure that there is not too much thermal paste and then see if you can add another fan or an additional cooling option.  The computer should return to normal function if overheating is the only issue.

Another possible reason that your computer is freezing is that you have a faulty RAM.  You should consider doing a MEM test.  To do this you would have to find some re-writable CD’s in order to run the test when you start your computer up again.  A great tool to check the stability of your computer is MEMtest86 but it will immediately pop up with errors if you do have a bad RAM.  If this is the case you can simply replace the RAM card to rectify the situation.

If neither of these solutions help to stop your computer from freezing, you may have a faulty program or installation in your computer.  You can systematically delete and replace programs until you find the one that is causing you problems.  If you do not want to do all that work, try to completely clear the computer and re-install updated, clean versions of everything you need.

When you are using a custom built computer and something like this happens you should troubleshoot immediately.  Every time your system freezes you have to improperly shut down which puts you at risk for file corruption.  You may not find out that you are damaging your own work until further down the road when it may be to late.

Additional Help

If you cannot seem to fix the issues with your custom built computer by yourself you may want to seek professional help.  Use TalkLocal to be put in contact with reliable local businesses within minutes.  Simply input your problem and availability and TalkLocal will do the rest! You will be connected with up to three IT service technicians who will be able to help you.

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