How to Dispose of Toxic Chemicals

How to Dispose of Toxic Chemicals - Garbage Removal

It’s time for that in-depth home cleaning, and you are ready to get rid of any old cleaners and chemicals that have been sitting around. Unfortunately, many household chemicals, such as paint removers, weed killers, and oven cleaners, are toxic and contain liquids like ammonia and bleach, which can be harmful to those who come in contact with them or the environment. Before dumping them down the drain, pouring them on your lawn or flushing them down the toilet, read through the following disposal suggestions so that you will know how to dispose of toxic chemicals safely.

How to Dispose of Toxic Chemicals

1) Read container labels. All toxic chemicals will come with labels which provide instructions on how to dispose of the leftover or unused liquid.

2) Waste centers. Many communities and cities have permanent locations for residents to drop off toxic waste. Check with your community to find out more about the location and hours.

3) Collection days. Many cities and towns host annual or semi-annual collection days specifically intended for toxic chemical collection. Depending on your community, the toxic materials might be picked up from outside your home or they might need to be dropped off at a designated collection center. Contact your community for more information.

4) Business collection locations. While your city’s waste center may accept toxic chemicals, some businesses nearby might also accept them for recycling. Businesses dealing with automobiles, construction, painting, etc. are most likely to collect these types of chemicals, since they will know how to dispose of them.

5) Toxic chemical exchange locations. Oftentimes what you may be looking to dispose of, someone else can safely use. Find out if your city offers a location for chemical exchanging, where leftover materials can be dropped off and picked up for reuse.

6) Toxic chemical pickup. If you cannot find a way to recycle or dispose of chemicals through community programs, contact a garbage removal company or an environmental agency near you to find out more about the services they offer. Many offer curbside pick-up of toxic chemicals at little or no cost to you.

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