Different Types of Grass Seeds

Different Types of Grass Seeds - Landscapers

There are many different types of grass seeds throughout the world. The following is an article that will help guide you to the grass seed best for you. Choosing the optimal seed can be a special and confusing task. Check out these tips and pointers to help you out.

Get to Know Your Region

Check out the region and climate in which you live. Do your research to understand your area and the weather patterns. For each season, there are different types of appropriate grass seeds. There are warm and cool season seeds. As the name implies, cool season seeds are best suited for cool weather but require a large amount of water during the warm times. Whereas warm weather seeds can tolerate the warm weather without as much upkeep, they tend to go into hiding and turn brown when the temperatures are not optimal. Check out this helpful link to get to know the different types of grass seeds.

Warm Season Seeds

Warm weather seeds are able to withstand the harsh temperatures resulting from the way they grow. Warm season seeds form deep roots that allow them to tap into water sources. Buffalo grass is known to be one of the most drought-resistant species. In addition, Zoysia and Bermuda seeds tend to be used in areas with moderately high to high levels of foot traffic.

Cool Season Seeds

Perennial Ryegrass and Kentucky Bluegrass are two well-known cool season seeds. Kentucky Bluegrass is known for its classic lawn appearance and texture. Perennial Ryegrass is typically used when a lawn is wanted in a hurry. Once grown, ryegrass turns into a beautiful masterpiece.

Additional Help

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