How Soon After Fertilizing Can I Mow Lawn?

How Soon After Fertilizing Can I Mow Lawn? - Landscapers

If you are using fertilizer on your lawn, you may be asking, “how soon after fertilizing can I mow lawn?” To have the greenest and healthiest lawn possible, it is important to know when and under what conditions you should cut the grass.  After fertilizing the lawn, you should wait 24-48 hours before mowing. Mowing too soon will just vacuum up the fertilizer, wasting valuable time and money. Even if your grass is looking a bit out of control, play it safe and wait about a day or two before mowing the lawn after fertilizing.

Other helpful tips:

–          Don’t mow the lawn when the grass is wet. Mowing a wet or muddy lawn will damage the grass.

–          It is best to water in the fertilizer, so wait for the grass to dry completely before mowing your lawn.

–          Don’t cut the grass too short. Short grass has shallower roots and is less likely to withstand the summer heat.

–          Don’t wait too long to mow your lawn. Letting the grass grow several inches before mowing damages the grass. You should mow frequently enough so that you are only cutting 1/3 of the blade when you mow.

–          If you mow your grass frequently there is no need to bag the grass. The grass clippings will decompose where they fall and are actually a great natural lawn fertilizer.

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