Do I Need To Tip A Limo Driver?

Do I Need To Tip A Limo Driver? - Limo Rental

Unless you are a millionaire, you probably don’t ride in a limo often. So when prom or a wedding comes up, there is always the question of whether you tip the limo driver. The answer is yes; limo driving is a service just like a taxi, so you should tip the driver based on his or her performance. Limo drivers are either paid by the fixed rate or hourly rate, which both equate to minimum wage. The next question is then how much should you pay the limo driver?

Do I Need to Tip a Limo Driver?

Before paying a limo driver call the limo company and ask them if gratuity is included in the bill. If the limo driver did his job then tip him a 15% to 20% of the total bill. If the limo service was poor, then tip the limo driver 5% or lower of the total bill. At minimum, a limo driver should be paid around $5-10 for short trips, regardless of the percentage. For trips over an hour, the limo driver should be paid a minimum of $10-20.

Be courteous to the driver and the car. If the car becomes a mess after you’re done, be courteous and pay a higher tip. Remember that cleaning the limo is often the driver’s responsibility. Also, you can tip based on the size of the car. If renting a smaller vehicle, you can tip 10% of the total bill. For larger limos, you can tip 15% of the total bill.

Additional Help

Now that you know the proper tipping procedure, you just need to find a limo driver. To get a limo driver, use TalkLocal. TalkLocal can connect you with up to limo drivers in your area, who will be available when you need them!

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  1. Nash Rich says:

    I actually didn’t know that you tip a limo driver, but it makes sense, they are kind of like taxis, just way nicer. I can’t see myself being able to afford a limo anytime soon, but this is good stuff to know. Limo rides are actually less expensive than I thought, so who knows, maybe I could end up using one down the road.

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