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Best Safe Cleaning Products - Maid Services

Most commercial cleaning products are made from man-made chemicals. The chemicals contained in these products are usually bad for the environment and your health. Products such as chemical drain cleaners can also damage the plumbing in your house. There are homemade and commercial cleaning products that are safer and even better than their chemical counterparts. Here is brief list of the best safe cleaning products for your home.

Lemons, Oranges, and Vinegar

Who would have thought that those orange and lemon peelings could be useful. The oil from these fruit peelings contains citrus. Citrus is great degreaser and all-purpose cleaner. Vinegar also contains acidic qualities that makes it a great degreaser and antibacterial. The citrus and vinegar mixture is a great homemade all-purpose cleaner, and it can leave a refreshing smell as well.

Corn Starch

Corn starch is very absorbent. Its absorbency is excellent for removing grease, extra polish, or other oils from tables and stoves. Corn starch mixed with soap and water is a good homemade window cleaner due to the starch being non-abrasive. Corn starch can even be used as a carpet fresher.

Baking Soda and Borax

Baking Soda and borax can be used for many types of cleaning. These cheap products are good for deodorizing, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, laundry detergent, toilet bowl cleaner, and bug poison. However, borax can be dangerous to animals.


There are many commercial products available to buy that use some of the same ingredients as homemade cleaners. Most of these commercial products are plant-based, biodegradable, eco-friendly, and have not been animal tested.  Seventh Generation is the best safe and eco-friendly product available. Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds, Method, Soy Clean, and Earth Friendly Products are other great, safe, commercial cleaning products.

Additional Help

Maid services also offer safe cleaning products when cleaning your home. To find a maid service use TalkLocal. We will connect you with up to three maid services in your area in just minutes!

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