How to Prepare Wall for Paint

How to Prepare Wall for Paint - Painters

Painting your room is the best way to achieve a new look for your home’s interior.  Repainting can give your home a completely different feel.  Turn your drab, old, white walls into ones that pop with color.  You can choose from pomegranate red or sea foam green.  A little bit of color change can truly brighten up your home.  You will need to prepare your wall before you begin to paint.

How to Prepare Wall for Paint

The first thing you need to do when painting is remove everything from the room so it does not get covered in paint.  This includes all of the furniture, rugs, and decorations.  If you cannot take some stuff out you should cover it with a plastic sheet.  This will protect the furniture from any damage.  Lay down sheeting on the floor as well to make sure that paint does not get all over your floor or carpeting.

Dusting and cleaning the walls is the next step to preparing for painting.  You should use a damp towel and be sure to reach all corners of the wall. You should also vacuum the wall as strange as this must seem.  If you are wiping down walls in a bathroom or kitchen in order to paint make sure you use a gallon of water with three teaspoons of laundry detergent.

You also need to scrape anything that is remaining on the wall.  There may be cracked or flaking paint, or glue from the wallpaper.  Use sandpaper to get rid of any stubborn imperfections.

Tape up anything attached to the wall that you want to keep paint off of such as sconces and electrical outlets, or along the ceiling.

When you start painting make sure you use a cutting in method with your paint brush that is angled.  Also apply paint around the trim and corners with smaller brushes so that the paint does not get in places it shouldn’t be.  Another good tip when painting is to first paint a large W pattern and then go up and down through it to get an even spread of paint.

Additional Help

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