Safe Ways to Kill Carpet Beetles

Safe Ways to Kill Carpet Beetles - Pest Control

Even though carpet beetles pose no real harm to humans, they can ravage your home and destroy your furniture, carpet, and any other fabric-like object. They can even feast on the fur of your pets!

What are Carpet Beetles?

Carpet beetles usually enter your home by attaching themselves to your clothing or flowers you bring indoors. They can also catch a ride into your home on your pet. When they are not using you or your pet as transportation, they sneak in through cracked windows or doors. Keep windows and doors tightly shut when they are not in use. Make sure your entire house is properly insulated. There are several safe ways to kill carpet beetles and rid them from your home.

Safe Ways to Kill Carpet Beetles

1. Carpet beetles do the most damage as larvae because they are on the hunt for food. You can destroy most larvae by vacuuming your house thoroughly.

2. If you believe you have an infestation, store your clothes and other fabrics inside cedar dressers. Carpet beetles are repelled by cedar wood and furniture.

3. Wash your bedding as well as your pet’s bedding. Throw out any clothes that you do not wear; you don’t want to give the beetles more of a reason to stay. You should also clean your curtains or any other area with a lot of fabric. Keep in mind that carpet beetles also feed on wool and leather.

4. After you have cleaned the inside of your home, inspect around your home for bird nests because they are a prime breeding spot for carpet beetles. Move any nests you find away from your home.

5. After a thorough cleaning, pick up an insect spray from your local home improvement store and spray down your house. Check the ingredients in the spray before using it in case someone in your house is allergic or will react badly. EcoSMART is a chemical-free insect spray that will alleviate your carpet beetle problem.

Additional Help

If you still have a carpet beetle problem after trying these methods, use TalkLocal to contact a local pest control service. We will connect you with up to three professionals in your area, so you can quickly rid yourself of these pests.

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