What are Low-E Glass Windows?

What are Low-E Glass Windows? - Window Replacement

What are low-e glass windows and how can they be helpful to me? Good questions! Low-e glass windows are gems that help reduce money and save energy. They have unique properties that allow them to behave in ways that typical windows can’t. Not only do they keep out heat rays during the summer, but they also have another unique property that you can learn more about below!

What Makes Low-E Glass Windows Unique?

Low-e glass windows stand for low-emittance windows. The reason that they have this name is because they contain layers of material that keeps out radiant heat. Low-e glasses keep out heat flow and reduce the U-factor with the extremely small, undetectable layers of metal and/or metallic oxides contained in the glass.

How are Low-E Glass Windows Beneficial?

Low-e glass allows visible light to travel through it! So although you are keeping out the rays that make your home too hot, you are still allowing the room to become filled with the natural, outdoor light. By using low-e glass windows, you are also reducing your energy bill, by preventing your house from being overheated by the sun’s radiation beaming through your window.

Are There Different Types of Low-E Glass?

Yes, there are different types of low-e glass. Your climate and house may require different solar gains depending on where you live and how many heat rays you would like to enter into your home. Different solar gains will have different impacts on your house’s temperature. For example, high solar gain glazings will be great for the winter when you would like to keep your home warm. However during the summer, low solar gain windows are optimal.

Additional Help

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