Difference Between Dental Caps and Crowns

Difference Between Dental Caps and Crowns - Dentists

What is the difference between dental caps and crowns? Actually, there is no difference. Formally known as dental crowns, these dental restorations are used to cover, or “cap”, the tooth to restore the original size, shape, and strength of the tooth that it is replacing. Crowns are typically used to repair teeth that are broken down or cracked. They are used when the damage is too great to repair with a large filling or a dental bridge.

What Exactly Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns can be made from materials such as ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel, and even gold. Porcelain and ceramic crowns match the natural tooth color and are often better choices aesthetically. Porcelain crowns, however, are often fused to metal, which can show near the gum line over time. Ceramic crowns are not fused to metal and are best used in areas with limited space. The elimination of metal also allows for light to transmit through the crown, which creates a more natural appearance.

Colloquially, people tend to refer to dental crowns made from ceramic or porcelain as “caps,” and those made from gold or stainless steel as “crowns.” Crowns made from metal do not have the most aesthetic appeal, but they are desirable in some instances. They tend to have better durability and are favorable for teeth located in the back of the mouth, such as molars. Gold and steel crowns tend to last longer and require less preparation than ceramic or porcelain crowns. They also tend to be less abrasive when chewing, which helps prevent the wearing of teeth.

Do You Need Dental Crowns?

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