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Fertilize Pecan Trees - Landscapers

Nutrients are more than just sustenance for your crop trees- they affect how successful your crops are. Aside from nutrients, there are three important factors needed to fertilize pecan trees: proper sun, water, and zinc. Whether you’re into commercial farming or personal gardening, we’re here to give you some tips on how to properly fertilize pecan trees.

How to Properly Fertilize Pecan Trees

1. For growing pecan trees commercially, use ammonium sulphate. You will likely need a commercial fertilizer spreader, which can often be purchased at garden nurseries which sell fertilizers in bulk.

2. For non-commercial growers, a fertilizer containing zinc is the best for your pecan trees. A typical 10-10-10 fertilizer will work well, but you will need to add zinc yourself. You may also be able to find a fertilizer designed specifically for pecan trees that contains zinc.

3. Too much fertilizer is unnecessary, if not harmful, for your tree – particularly if the tree is young or newly planted. Use about one pound of fertilizer for one foot of height in your tree per season. Use fertilizers sparingly in the rainy seasons. Rain washes nutrients away – by fertilizing right before a heavy rain, the fertilizer would just be wasted. Fertilize pecan trees right after a heavy rainfall, when there is a significant interval between then and the next rainfall. The presence of water at the ground’s surface will make it easier for the tree to absorb nutrients.

4. Late winter or early spring are the optimal times to fertilize pecan trees, after your trees have come out of their dormant period.  Apply half of the fertilizer amount you will use that season about a month before the last frost. Spread the other half of the fertilizer about 30 to 45 days later, but no later than the end of May.

5. If you are worried that your pecan tree isn’t getting enough zinc, take a leaf sample (multiple leaves, and not just from one branch) and bring it to a professional for consultation.

Additional Help

Fertilizing pecan trees for optimal growth can vary greatly depending on your region and climate, so it may be a good idea to consult a professional. TalkLocal can help you find a professional landscaper in your area. We’ll even connect you directly to three professionals over the phone, getting you the help you need, when you need it!

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