How to Mulch Your Lawn

How to Mulch Your Lawn - Landscapers

A first impression lasts forever, and the way your lawn looks says a lot about you and your home. A spotty, weed-infested and sparse landscape makes the rest of your home look dingy and run down and makes you seem like you don’t care. Therefore, it’s important to take good care of your lawn through regular feeding and maintenance. One way you can do this is by mulching. Mulching involves the application organic matter to a surface in order to add nutrients and enhance growth. Here’s how to mulch your lawn.

Why Mulch Your Lawn?

1. The high nitrogen content of mulch makes the grass greener and promotes dense growth. The thicker the growth is, the harder it will be for weeds to take hold.

2. Mulch is excellent at holding in moisture, making your grass less susceptible to prolonged drought.

3. Mulch helps to block out the growth of weeds and deter pests.

4. The presence of mulch on your lawn encourages a healthy earthworm population, as this is a great source of food for them. Earthworms are highly beneficial to your grass, aerating the soil with their tunnels and fertilizing the roots with their castings.

5. Mulch protects against soil degradation and erosion by shielding it from the sun, wind, and rain.

How to Mulch Your Lawn

1. Choose your mulch. You can use wheat, barley and oat straw, but many homeowners prefer mulched grass clippings. These are grass clippings that have been finely cut to make them spreadable.

2. Once you have your mulch, just sprinkle it over your yard generously, and evenly, and give it a thorough watering. Watering afterward weighs the mulch down into the grass and helps it to begin decomposing.

When Should You Mulch You Lawn?

Mulching can be done almost any time of the year. However, it is most recommended when temperatures get very high and there hasn’t been much rain. It’s also a good idea to mulch in mid to late fall. This feeds and protects your lawn throughout the winter.

Further Assistance

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