Key Turns But Lock Doesn’t Open

Key Turns But Lock Doesn't Open - Locksmiths

Some signs that a lock is not operating the way it should are obvious. For instance, if you insert your key into the lock, and the key turns but the lock doesn’t open, the lock is clearly busted. You might even find yourself locked out of the home or office in this situation, so remedying the problem quickly is important.

When the key turns but the lock doesn’t open, that indicates a number of potential problems. These issues could range from a locking mechanism that is in severe need of lubricant, to one that is completely broken and in need of repair or replacement.

Some of these are do-it-yourself projects, while others require the watchful eye of a skilled locksmith.

Locking mechanism is broken

Most likely in this situation, the locking mechanism is completely broken. You must remove the lockset and have it either replaced or repaired. Removing the lockset is relatively easy with the right tools

Other Lock Issues 

Weather stripping throws off alignment. If your key turns and stops short of locking completely, bulky weather stripping around the door could be throwing off the door’s alignment. Either remove the weather stripping, or adjust the strike plate to accommodate the lock correctly.

Lockset in need of lubricant. If it takes a great amount of effort to turn the key, it might just be in need of some lubricant. Apply lubricant to the lock and see if it allows the key to move more smoothly.

Mortise cut incorrectly. You might be able to turn the key, but it stops short of its full range of motion. If this is the case, the lock’s mortise might not be deep enough. This issue can be settled simply by boring a deeper mortise.

Locksmiths Are A Few Clicks Away

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