Different Types Of Massages

Different Types Of Massages - Massage Therapy

In the world of massage therapy, terms are often thrown around like “Swedish massage”, “prenatal massage”, and  “deep tissue massage”. When trying to determine which of the different types of massages you need, it can be a little overwhelming. Check out this list of massages with a brief explanation of each.

Swedish Massage

This is the most popular massage therapy. It is generally used to promote relaxation, tension release, and stress reduction.

Deep Tissue Massage

As the name implies, this form focuses more on the deeper layers of muscle. It may initially cause a pain reflex due to muscles being worked when they are not used to being worked. A licensed professional will slowly warm the muscle and the pain will eventually recede.

Prenatal Massage

As the name implies, this massage therapy is designed specifically for expectant mothers. Pregnancy puts stress on muscles that aren’t use to stress and this massage focuses on relieving pain in those areas. It is catered to a pregnant mother in that, while traditional massages require the recipient to lie on his or her stomach, this massage generally requires the woman to be on her side.


This form focuses on the feet and points on the feet that correspond to particular organs. It can be very beneficial to those who spend much of their day on their feet.

Hot Stone/Aromatherapy

Both of these forms are simply a traditional massage with the addition of warmed, smooth stones or plant oils. The warm stones are helpful for those who have lots of tension but prefer a lighter massage. Different plant oils can invoke certain benefits such as stress relief, enhanced energy, balance improvement and so forth.

Where Can I Get One Of These Massages?

There are many other different types of massages out there. Your best bet is to get in touch with a local massage therapist who can sit down with you to determine your needs. The easiest way to do that is to use TalkLocal‘s free services. We will quickly connect you to a licensed professional in your area.

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