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Most Energy Efficient Roofing Material - Roofers

Becoming environmentally friendly is the latest trend when it comes to designing and improving houses and buildings.  One way to do so is to build with energy efficient roofing materials.  An energy efficient roofing material can prevent the beating sun from overheating your house, or could be made with nontoxic, environmentally friendly materials – or both! There are many different types of materials that you should consider if you plan to be environmentally conscious. Here is a brief summary of some of the most energy efficient roofing material.

Metal Roofing– confusing right? It doesn’t sound that good for the planet but it is!

– Metal roofing is typically made from common, affordable materials. Steel is the most common component of metal roofing, but copper is also used, as are blends of zinc, aluminium, and steel. This roofing reflects more sunlight than non-metal materials, and often comes with an acrylic-based coating that further keeps the heat off of your home. Your home will stay cool on those hot summer days, saving you money on your air conditioning bill. Most of these materials are also recyclable or reusable.

– Metal roofing is strong, durable, fire resistant, highly weather-resistant.

– Metal roofing typically comes with long-term warranties, often lasting up to 50 years. The durability and strength of metal roofing also means that you will have to replace far less frequently than other roofing materials.


– Tile roofing can reflect up to 90% of solar energy, due to the thermal-resistant materials they’re made from: typically concrete or clay. These natural materials are also safer to dispose of than their chemical-based, plastic counterparts.

– Roofing tiles are installed individually, allowing for natural air flow between each piece, keeping your roof – and home – cooler.

– Tile roofing is weather-resistant, though not as durable in extreme weather conditions as metal roofing.

– This is more of a style preference, but tile roofing can be molded and shaped into cool designs to give your roof some flare.

Recycled Shingles

Recycled shingles can be made from any available roofing material, including metal, tile, or asphalt. While each material has its own energy efficient qualities, using recycled materials for roofing is better for the environment overall, and cuts down on waste.

Tip: Look for Energy Star-rated products when getting roof materials. Energy Star-rated products can save you money and are often environmentally-friendly.

Find A Quality Roofer!

If you have any questions about the most energy efficient roofing material, consult a roofing professional near you. TalkLocal will connect you with up to three high-quality roofing professionals in your area.

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