Best Time to Trim Trees

Best Time to Trim Trees - Tree Removal

All trees grow at different rates, and the best time to trim trees depends on the climate of the area you live in, the type of tree you are cultivating, and the degree of pruning you wish to do. Essentially, the best time to trim trees depends entirely on that tree’s unique situation.

The Best Time to Trim Trees

There are certain ages, months, and periods during which it is better to trim trees. A good time to trim a tree is when the tree is in its younger stages and there is less pruning to be done. At this point, the tree is small enough that you can easily cut the bottom branches. If you want to prune a tree, doing so when it is young is the best time, as the branches can heal more quickly, and a younger tree has a better chance to adjust to the trimming.

Another rule of thumb for pruning trees is that the best time to prune living wood is when the tree is dormant. If you prune the tree in early spring or when the tree is still budding out, you can inflict damage to the tree at a time when it is most vulnerable. Instead, a good time to trim the tree is during the late summer months or even in late winter. For mature trees, less is better, meaning you should avoid removing limbs that have a diameter greater than 6 inches because this can cause the tree to start decaying.

As all trees are not the same, certain trees need to be trimmed before others. Trees of varieties such as dogwoods and crabapples should be trimmed as soon as they begin blooming, usually during the spring. However, you need to be careful to not cut too much or else you may subject the tree to decay when it is devoting its energy towards growth.

For trees that have dead branches, any time is a good time to trim the tree. You can identify dead tree branches by scratching through a layer of bark. If the inside is green, it is still alive and you shouldn’t cut them unless the time is optimal. If the inside is brown, the branch is dead and they can be removed at any time.

Find the Right Tree Trimmers

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