How to Remove Tree Stumps

How to Remove Tree Stumps - Tree Removal

Although you can utilize a tree stump as a table or a chair to add value to your yard, it may be better to remove a tree stump. We have some tips for you on how to remove tree stumps. The main idea behind removing tree stumps is to not try to pry it from the ground head on (as this would be disastrous unless you had the proper tools), but to let it rot and soften until you can easily break it.

How to Remove Tree Stumps

1. Drill holes into the stump – do it from the top of the stump downwards to the base of the stump. Do not drill the holes perfectly vertically – slant them so that the big holes you drill intersect with the natural linings of the tree along the stems. The point of this is to aerate the holes – the more the insides of trees are exposed to air, the faster it will rot.

2. Purchase a stump remover from your local home improvement store. This is the chemical that will begin to rot the stump. Pour the chemical into the holes in the stump generously, but do not clog up the air holes.

3. The whole rotting process takes about three to six weeks depending on the humidity of the environment and the number of holes you drill. The rotting process is much faster under hot, humid conditions.

If you absolutely cannot wait for the stump to rot away, then you need to remove it by force. Do not try to tether the stump to a car and pull it out – doing so can severely injure you or your car. Rent a stump grinder. Under proper supervision or after learning how to use the tool properly, remove the stump with extra care.

Additional Help

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  1. Tony Paul says:

    The stumps left behind can be removed from the site by stump grinding, one of the many methods adopted for a proper management of trees.


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