How to Connect Game Console to TV

How to Connect Game Console to TV - TV Repair

If you are unsure how to connect game console to TV, don’t worry, this is a relatively uncomplicated task.  All you need to do is make sure that you have the necessary cables, which should all come with the video game console package, and a TV.  A game console usually has a variety of output options, so you’ll mostly be choosing the connection based on what your TV accepts as input.

High Definition Multimedia Interface

This is probably the highest-quality option you can currently use with most game consoles.  All you need to do is plug in the HDMI cable (rectangular cable) into both the game console and the corresponding HDMI port on your TV, and switch to the right input on your television, most likely labeled HDMI.

RCA Connection

This is probably the most common type of input for older televisions.  You’ll be looking for the composite cable, which is the cable with the three colored prongs (yellow, white, and red) and simply plug those into the corresponding colored ports behind the TV.

Component Connection

This connection utilizes the standard RCA connection audio plugs (the red and white), but also has three other channels to deliver a full high definition signal.  These plugs are usually green, blue, and red, and will have ports that are listed under “component”.  Remember that you’ll need to plug in both the old RCA cables alongside the component cables.

Get Your Console Connected

The three options listed above are the most common types of video game connections you’ll see on today’s TV consoles.  If you have an older console that you want to hook up to your TV and don’t see the correct port, you may need a converter box or to talk with a television expert to find the correct adapter. TalkLocal can save you a lot of time by finding up to three, high-quality, local television repair professionals for you in just minutes.

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