How to Install Satellite TV Dish

How to Install Satellite TV Dish - TV Repair

A satellite dish is one of the best ways to get both cable and premium channels. A satellite dish’s strength is in its channel package. Satellite dishes carry tons of channels that are not on cable. Installation of a satellite dish can be done by a professional from the service provider. If you want to save money instead of hiring a technician, here are the steps on how to install satellite TV dish.


Positioning is the critical factor in installing a satellite dish. For the satellite dish to work properly, the dish must be in position with the service satellite in orbit. Due to the service satellite’s orbit, the satellite dish must be positioned south when north of the equator or positioned north when south of the equator. The satellite dish needs to be positioned where it can be easily fixed and have minimal interference from inclement weather. Avoid any obstacles that could obstruct the signal such as trees or electrical poles.

How to Install Satellite TV Dish

1. Unscrew the plate with a drill to expose the wiring for the dish.

2. Align the mount with the wall or roof.

3. Drill the appropriate holes that are needed to secure the mount to the wall or roof.

4. Fill the holes with caulk to prevent water from seeping through.

5. Drill the screws into the holes to secure the mount in position.

6. Position the satellite dish onto the mount and screw the bolts into the mount. Do not tighten the screws yet.

7. Assemble the low-noise block down converter (LBNF), and connect the coaxial cable to the low-noise block down converter or LNBF.

8. Connect the coaxial cable to a satellite meter to see if the dish can receive a strong signal in its current position.

9. When you find an optimal position for your satellite dish, tighten the screws to the mount.

10. Remove coaxial cable from the satellite meter and connect it to the TV receiver. Connect the TV receiver to your TV.

11. Test that you have a signal on your TV, and setup your new channels!

Find Professional Help

If you would prefer to have a professional TV repairman install your satellite dish, just use TalkLocal. We will find and connect you with up to three, reputable professionals in your area in just minutes!

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  1. Marie Burke says:

    We are interested in having Dish TV installed in Gatlinburg, TN, but are concerned about getting signal in the mountains. We had Direct TV out because we could piggy back off of our current Direct TV package and they said they couldn’t pick up signal. I called Dish and they said they use different equipment and different technology. I really need to talk to someone that actually installs Dish TV in Gatlinburg.

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