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Spending money on bottled water can get ridiculous and prove to be a budget buster. At the same time, picking the best drinking water filter can get confusing and frustrating. There are certain aspects of a drinking water filter you want to make sure you understand before shopping around. Knowing a bit about what they do can make finding the best drinking water filter much easier and save you a lot of money in the long run. We’re here to tell you how to make sure you’re getting what you need from your filter.

Find Out What Is In Your Water First

Knowing what you need to filter out helps you narrow down your choices. You can learn about this through the Consumer Confidence Report that local facilities include in your monthly water bill and have available on demand. Different types of filters are more and less effective at removing different contaminants, so having this information will greatly help you.

Decide Which Filtration System Suits Your Needs 

The current market boasts multiple filtration systems, including:

– Pitcher filters: These are pitchers that you can pour water into straight from the tap. The water goes through a removable filter before falling into the pitcher, which means it is already clean to drink when you are ready to pour from the filter. You may want a pitcher filter if you want to refrigerate your drinking water or keep filtered water separate from unfiltered water.

– Sink filters: This type of filter actually attaches to your sink’s nozzle. The water is immediately filtered when you lift the handle. In some designs, the water is only filtered if you press a specific button to send it through the filtration channel. This might suit your needs if you plan to use filtered water very often and don’t want to bother with refilling the pitcher every time.

– Handheld water bottle filters: These are just like typical, reusable water bottles that you can carry with you everywhere, but they have a filter inside that cleans your water before it hits your mouth.

– Figure out the life-span of your filter. Every filter will need to be changed and refreshed to insure that your water is as clean as possible. Some can last one month before requiring a change; others can last up to six months or more. Depending on the filter’s life span, the price may go up.

After answering these questions for yourself, you should be better prepared to shop for the best drinking water filter that suits your needs.

Have A Professional Look At Your Water Issues

If you need professional help picking out a filter or would prefer to have all of your home’s water filtered, TalkLocal can help you get those answers as well. Simply type your request into a form on our website and we’ll have area professionals contact you immediately, ready to help.

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