Cruise Control Repair Troubleshooting

Cruise Control Repair Troubleshooting - Auto Repair

Cruise control is one of the most innovative features offered in cars.  It allows the driver to set a steady speed for long drives so that they can maintain their pace without having to constantly manually accelerate and brake.  The benefits of cruise control are endless.  Not only does it allow for less active driving, but you save money because it increases your car’s gas mileage. Here are some tips for cruise control repair troubleshooting when you’re not sure what’s wrong.

Cruise Control Components

There are a couple different components to the cruise control system, any of which could break down or malfunction.

– There is the vehicle speed sensor that is attached to the transmission, which detects how fast the vehicle is moving, and maintains that speed.

– The cruise control module has many functions.  It stores the speed you set to cruise at, it constantly compares the current speed with the desired set speed, and it signals the actuator to move the throttle in order to match the two speeds.

– This actuator is another part of the system that moves the throttle.

– There is also a brake switch which decelerates the car, and clutch switch that disengages the entire system when the driver presses on the brake.

Each individual car manufacturer has a different process for making and installing the cruise control system.  Therefore, the following are simply guidelines and should be adjusted depending on the make and model of your vehicle.  Usually your car’s manual will have a diagrammed section that shows the flow chart of cruise control and addresses different diagnostic problems.

Cruise Control Repair Troubleshooting

If the speed sensor fails, then the cruise control will not be signaled with the speed.  This is easily identifiable because the speedometer will typically stop working simultaneously.  In the case that the cruise control module stops working, it will not understand what is being recorded from the speed sensor, and therefore will not send any signals to the actuator.  Blown fuses and broken wires can prevent the cruise control module from working.  Actuator’s can stop working because there is a leak inside one of its parts.  Finally, links, wires, or connections that break or disconnect will cause the cruise control to stop working.

Find A Quality Mechanic

If you have more questions about cruise control repair troubleshooting, you should talk to a professional so that you can get the help you need. TalkLocal will connect you with up to three, reputable auto repair professionals in your area. Just tell us what you need, where you are, and when you’re available, and we’ll find the professionals for you, in just minutes!

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