When to Change Brake Fluid

When to Change Brake Fluid - Auto Repair

When trying to care for your own car, keeping track of every working piece can be tiresome. Changing the oil, transmission fluid, and brake fluid are all vital to maintaining a healthy engine. Knowing when to change brake fluid is an important part of maintaining your car. Read this article on some tips on when to change brake fluid in your car.

What Does Brake Fluid Do?

Break fluid is able to draw in moisture like a sponge, and excessive water content in brake fluid weakens its condition. Copper content is also a measure of the condition of brake fluid. A greenish tinge to the fluid is an indication of excessive copper content. You can easily test for water and copper content with test strips, which are available at most auto parts stores.

When to Change Brake Fluid In Your Car

Generally, the type of driving you do should determine how often you change your break fluid. You should change your brake fluid at 2% water content if you use your vehicle in heavy-duty situations, such as towing, driving in mountainous regions, driving at high speeds, or if you have ABS brakes.

Otherwise, you should change your brake fluid when water content reaches 3%. Motor vehicle companies debate between changing brake fluid every 12 or every 24 months. Choose what you feel works best for your vehicle. You should also have your brake fluid tested and replaced, if necessary, every time you take your car in for a tune-up.

Copper also has a direct role in the corrosion of the brake system. You should also change the brake fluid if it has signs of a high copper content, such as a greenish tinge.

Your brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Take good care of your car and your own safety by checking your brake fluid at least once per year, and having it changed when necessary.

Need Help Changing Your Brake Fluid?

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