Wiper Blade Replacement Guide

Wiper Blade Replacement Guide - Auto Repair

Replacing the windshield wiper blades is an important part of maintaining your car. Damaged wiper blades can leaves streaks or water behind that clogs up your view, and can actually be dangerous while driving. It is actually a simple process to replace your wiper blades. Here is an easy-to-understand wiper blade replacement guide.

Wiper Blade Replacement Guide

1. Buy new wiper blades for the make and model for your car. Consult the Auto Parts Manual for what kind of wiper blades you need, usually found in an auto repair shop in the aisle with the wiper blades.

2. The packet might come with a few different types of blade carriages– find the one that matches the one on your car by directly comparing them beside your car’s current blades.

3. Pull the Wiper Arm up, and position it perpendicular to the hood of the car. Catch hold of the lower part of the blade carriage and pull it away from the wiper arm. Make sure you don’t smash the blade carriage on the wind screen though, that could be detrimental to your car!

4. Unhook the blade assembly from the wiper arm – there should be a little tab under the arm’s hook on the assembly. Press down on this tab. You might need to use a screwdriver for this.

5. Slide the old blade carriage off and slide the new replacement one on.

6. Return the position of the blade carriage to parallel the wiper arm and fold the wiper arm back down on the windshield.

Further Assistance

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