Consequences Of Jumping Bail

Consequences Of Jumping Bail - Bail Bonds

Whenever anyone is released on bail, the individual is being released from jail using the bail money as collateral to ensure that the individuals continue to return for trial and other court appearances.  However, when individuals released on bail instead choose to skip trial to avoid prosecution or imprisonment, they are “jumping bail”.  The consequences of jumping bail can be severe, both legally and financially.

Financial Consequences Of Jumping Bail

The first consequence of jumping bail is that the posted bail money is given up.  Most of the time the defendant only pays a portion of the bail money initially, using property as collateral for the rest of the bond.  However, when the defendant jumps bail, the bail bondsman who is usually responsible for the accused bail money needs to have the bail money repaid.  As a result, the bail bondsman can legally offer a bounty for the capture and return of the bail jumper.  Bounty hunters will track down the defendant to bring them back into court for that bounty.

Legal Consequences Of Jumping Bail

Jumping bail is also a felony in the United States and additional charges can be filed that can exacerbate the defendant’s status.  Bail is then revoked and the court will also produce an arrest warrant for the defendant.  If the courts discover that the defendant has already taken steps towards evading the court experience (such as buying airplane tickets with departure dates scheduled before the court appearance), the courts may prematurely charge the defendant with jumping bail.

Speak With A Lawyer, and A Bail Bondsman

Even if the defendant believes that the trial location or time is unfair, jumping bail is not in the best interests of the defendant.  Rather, the defendant should speak with his or her lawyer to see whether they can delay or change the trial venue; defendants are entitled to due process of the law.  If you’re unsure about the bail process or need to discuss the situation with a lawyer or a bail bondsman, use TalkLocal to find a high-quality, local professional in just minutes.

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