What Is A Peace Bond?

What Is A Peace Bond? - Bail Bonds

If you are having issues with another person and would like to take legal action, you might be wondering, “what is a peace bond?” When an individual makes threatening behavior towards another person, there are a couple of ways that a court can protect that person.  Criminal charges can be filed so that the threatening individual is incarcerated or fined heavily. Peace bonds are an alternative to criminal charges, requiring that the threatening individual keeps the peace with the other person.  Oftentimes a peace bond can be filed even after criminal charges have been filed, in exchange for withdrawing the criminal charges.

Who should get a peace bond?

Peace bonds are most effectively used when individuals have been threatened by others.  For example, someone may believe that another person wants to damage their property or hurt their family.  Peace bonds allow the threatening individual to remain out of prison, but still prevents an assault by stipulating heavy penalties if the peace bond is broken, such as steep fees and jail time.

How do I get a peace bond?

In order to get a peace bond, you first need to request one from a court system or a law enforcement authority in the threatening individual’s jurisdiction.  You’ll have to describe on paper why you believe the threatening individual is a danger to you and will eventually need to go to court to answer questions regarding the situation.  At this point, the threatening individual most likely will also be in court so that you may ask each other questions, so that the judge has an appropriate grasp of the situation.  If the judge believes there are grounds for granting a peace bond, then you’ll be issued a peace bond with stipulations, such as prohibiting the threatening individual from coming within a certain distance of you.

Protect Yourself With A Peace Bond

If you are considering applying for a peace bond, it is highly recommended that you consult a bail bondsmen to find out some more information.  TalkLocal can do all the work for you, connecting you with a high-quality, local bonding agency that can assist you in just minutes.

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