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Install Carpet For Stairs - Carpet Cleaners

While hardwood looks great, it can sometimes be a pain in the butt.  Once instance in which this is true is with stairs.  You should consider carpeting your stairs because it will make going up and down a lot easier.  You will be able to take things up and down by sliding them if they are two heavy.  It is also more comforting than wood if you happen to fall.  You do not always have to hire someone to help you install carpets because you can install carpet for stairs yourself.

Install Carpet For Stairs

You need six things if you want to install carpet on your stairs: a staple gun, a box of half-inch staples, carpet tacks, tackless strips, and a hammer.  All of these items will help to install the soft plush carpets on your hardwood stairs.

1. The first thing you need to do is mark the center of each stair.  You can put a tackless strip on the center of each stair.  It should be placed one inch from the vertical back of the next stair.  Put another tackless strip on the front of each step as well.

2. Next, cut carpet padding for the top of each step.  Attach them with staples, placed approximately six inches apart.  Once the carpet pads are completely installed you should start installing the carpet.

3. Tack the end of the carpet to the bottom of the first step.  Every four inches you should place another tack.  Make sure that the carpet is pulled tight and tacked securely so that your carpet is securely attached to the stairs.

4. While you install the carpet with the tacks, press the carpet into the tackless strips.  Do not press the carpet back into the corner of the stair treads because then the carpet will be to short.  You should continue this process until all of the stairs are covered.

5. When you get to the last step, secure the carpet with staples four inches apart again.

Have A Professional Install Carpet For Stairs

While installing carpeting for you stairs is not a complicated process, it is time-consuming. If you would prefer to have a professional do this, just use TalkLocal. We will find the right carpet professionals in your area in just minutes, for free!

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  1. Chicago office furniture says:

    The carpeting on stairs takes a lot more abuse than regular room carpeting, and it often wears out much sooner. But don’t worry, replacing a worn stair runner or carpeting a bare stairway is no problem when you know the technique.


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