How To Run Linux And Windows At The Same Time

How To Run Linux And Windows At The Same Time - Computer Repair

It can be frustrating when you need to work with both Linux and Windows operating systems. The less-than-convenient solution to such a problem is to place two computers side-by-side — one running on Linux and the other on Windows — and toggle between the two based on your needs. However, learning how to run Linux and Windows at the same time and on the same computer is ultimately the solution.

If you are trying to figure out how to run Linux and Windows at the same time, consider these methods:

1. While you certainly have your share of choices of what version of Linux to use, trying going with the popular Ubuntu. Start by downloading Ubuntu as an  .iso file. This will allow you to boot it up.

2. When you download Ubuntu, either burn it onto a CD or put it on a flash drive. Either way will work and will allow you to boot the program on a new computer.

3. Once the program is stored, you can insert the CD or flash drive in a computer with Windows and boot it up right from the storage device. This does not install the program on Windows, but does let you use it.

4. To install Ubuntu on Windows, insert the CD or flash drive, open ‘Windows Explorer’ and select ‘Run wubi.exe’. After that, select ‘Install inside Windows’. The next time you boot the computer, it will boot Linux and set it up, making it available for future use.

5. Or, you could use a Virtual Machine. Many of these programs are free. It is very easy to install Ubuntu on a Virtual Machine and you won’t need to boot the program from the CD or flash drive.

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