What Is Dental Bone Loss Regeneration?

What Is Dental Bone Loss Regeneration? - Dentists

One of the worst fears is having no teeth. Bone loss in the teeth occurs from age or improper care of our teeth. One of the main causes of bone loss is periodontal disease (gum disease). This deteriorates the gum line and causes infection. These infections cause the bone loss. But before considering dental implants or dentures, there are surgical operations available to regenerate dental bone. So, what is dental bone loss regeneration? It turns out that there are multiple types.

Guided Bone Regeneration and Guided Tissue Regeneration

Guided bone regeneration and guided tissue regeneration are among the most common regeneration procedures. Both of these procedures use a bio-synthetic barrier between the gum and tooth. For guided bone regeneration, the barrier provides an optimal environment for the tooth to regenerate bone. For the guided tissue regeneration, the barrier is focused on healing soft tissues that have been damaged from gum disease to encourage bone regeneration.  If you select this procedure, remember to follow post-treatment procedures for the best results.

Bone Graft

Bone graft uses healthy tissue and bone or synthetic substance from another area of the body to help bone regeneration. The procedure inserts tissue and bone to attach to the tooth and encourage regeneration bone. The results of the bone graft may take time depending on how invasive the tooth is to the newly inserted tissue and bone.

Bone Loss Prevention

– Brush your teeth twice per day. If you can only tolerate brushing your teeth once per day, then brush at least for two to three minutes.  

– Floss once per day.

– Schedule a dentist appointment every six months for cleaning and exams.

– Do not use tobacco products, as these can cause serious, long-term damage to your gums and teeth.

– Lessen your intake of sugary products. Use fruits as an alternative to candy for your sweet tooth.

Find An Oral Surgeon

If you think you have dental bone loss, you’ll need to find an oral surgeon in your area. Your dentist can recommend an oral surgeon for you, or you can find the specialist who is right for you. To schedule an appointment with an oral surgeon, just use TalkLocal. TalkLocal can connect you with up to three dentists or oral surgeons in you area, in just minutes.

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