Appropriate Flowers For A Funeral

Appropriate Flowers For A Funeral - Florists

When a person passes away, friends and family often provide floral arrangements for the funeral service. Many times, these floral arrangements will go home with the close family members of the deceased, so picking out appropriate flowers for a funeral might seem stressful initially. Here are some tips to keep in mind when making your decision:

Culture: While many Christian funerals today will have a large variety of floral arrangements, some Jewish funerals will ask for no flowers. Instead, they ask for a donation to be made to The Jewish National Fund. This fund then plants a tree in Israel in the name of the deceased.

Age: Traditionally, the funeral arrangements for older people will be a wreath of a variety of flowers, most notably white lilies and red roses.

Family: Knowing how traditional or non-traditional the deceased’s family is will determine if you send a wreath of lilies or an arrangement that looks like something more personal, like a football jersey.

Personality: If you know that the deceased really loved a sports team or hobby, professional florists can often make arrangements in the form of items used in those past-times.

Favorite flowers: Often, the deceased may have been especially fond of a particular type of flower or plant. Sending an arrangement that centers on this plant will be especially meaningful to the family despite how traditional they might be or their cultural preferences.

Florists Are Available To Help

The important thing to remember when choosing appropriate flowers for a funeral is that when in doubt, go traditional. If you are only somewhat familiar with the deceased and family, you can’t go wrong by sending a modest traditional wreath.

If you aren’t sure about particular cultural preferences, or would like to send an arrangement with flowers of particular meaning, ask a professional florist. TalkLocal can connect you with one in your area for free. Our services are fast and easy.

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