Chair Reupholstery Steps

Chair Reupholstery Steps - Furniture Reupholstery

Everyone is on a budget these days. Few people have hundreds of dollars to blow on brand new home décor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t renovate and get the look you want. You have to start thinking about turning trash into treasure. When you take the chairs you have and follow a few simple chair reupholstery steps, you can end up with a gorgeous new look that makes your creative sense — and your checkbook — happy.

What you’ll need:

– Fabric you love. Use a measuring tape on your chair to figure out how much you’ll need, and make sure you get at least a yard extra – just in case.

– Flathead screwdriver

– Hammer

Chair Reupholstery Steps To Follow:

1. Remove the fabric that covers the bottom of the chair.

2. Remove the exterior frame. Use the hammer to tap the flathead screwdriver under the frame and remove it gently.

3. Remove all of the current fabric on the chair by starting at the bottom. Since chairs are originally made top-to-bottom, it’s much easier to undo that work bottom-to-top style. You’ll have to do this one panel at a time, and it can be time consuming. Use whatever method is easiest for you. Oftentimes, this fabric is stapled on with an industrial stapler. You could use your flathead screwdriver, pliers, or any other method you prefer to pull out the staples.

4. Label the fabric as you go so you know which part of the chair it was from.

5. When you get to the ply-grip, be careful: it’s sharp. Use a butter knife to open the ply-grip to help you remove the fabric here.

6. Lay the old fabric aside, making sure it’s flat and unfolded.

7. Cut the new pattern. Use the old fabric as a guide so you are sure you don’t have a huge size difference here.

8. Sew where necessary.

9. Attach the new pattern to the chair top-to-bottom — the opposite of the way you removed it.

10. Attach the wood frame. You can stain this if you’d like.

Too Much Hassle?

Now you have a new chair and a new look for your home. For more help in recycling items and renovating for less, TalkLocal can connect you with the local professionals you need, in just minutes.

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