How To Restore Leather

How To Restore Leather - Furniture Upholstery

If you have a piece of leather furniture that has endured some wear and tear, don’t think about throwing it out or trying to reupholster it just yet. Learn how to restore leather or connect with professionals who can get your leather items looking as good as new.

Some Tips On How To Restore Leather:

NOTE: Avoid using saddle soap or anything with neetsfoot oils. They tend to stain leather and leave streaks after use.

What You’ll Need:

– Petroleum jelly

– Olive oil

– Multiple clean cloths

– Sheepskin pad

What To Do:

1. First, use a clean rag to remove any dust or dirt from the leather.

2. Next, apply some petroleum jelly to a new, clean cloth and slowly work it into the cracked, old leather. Be gentle and slow; use circular motions. This adds a lot of moisture into the leather. Lack of moisture is typically what causes leather to crack and peel.

3. Use another clean cloth to wipe away all excess petroleum jelly, being careful not to disturb the cracks too much.

4. Now that you have removed the dirt and grime, added some moisture and removed the excess moisture, you can use a leather stain to get the color back. You want to be sure to use a sheepskin pad to apply the stain slowly and carefully, using circular motions to really work in the color. Start off with a little and add more if necessary, keeping a clean cloth nearby to remove excess stain just in case.

5. Finally, you want to apply a leather sealant. Use a very soft cloth to rub this in and do so very slowly and gently. Being too rough may cause slight loss of color. Once the sealant is applied, allow 24 hours for it to dry before touching or using the leather.

Furniture Upholstery Professionals Are A Click Away

Some leather furniture upholstery jobs require professional attention instead of a home remedy. Even if a home remedy works, you may have questions regarding products to use or the process. TalkLocal easily connects you with those professionals who can field your questions about how to restore leather. We take the work out of the search.

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