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Install Window Well Covers - Landscapers

Window well covers come in different types and designs, and can serve several purposes, according to one’s preferences or desires. One may want to prevent break-ins, to protect a basement window from rain, flying debris or baseballs, or maybe even to serve protection from a child falling into the window well accidentally.

Window Well Cover Types

There are two main window well cover types, based on your basement windows’ design and placement. You might need a bubble window well cover for windows that protrude up above ground level, or a flat cover for basement windows that do not extend higher than the well. They can be circular or rectangular, plastic or aluminum, and can be of varying colors. If you would like to install window well covers yourself, here are some guidance tips for the process.

How to Install Window Well Covers

1. Purchase the window well cover of the correct shape and material. It should be accompanied by mounting hardware, such as clips, nuts, bolts, and washers.

2. Simply place the window well cover in the correct position above the well and in line with the steel, brick or aluminum frame that encompasses the well. Take the provided clips and set them down, evenly placed throughout the perimeter of the cover & over the well rim. Mark these positions and then remove the cover.

3. For this next step you will need a power drill before being able to secure the clips in place. Over the markings, drill a hole about 3/16 inches thick.  Assemble the cover by using the bolts and cap nuts, with the washers between them. The correct order is to put the bolt through the clip and washer, and to have the cap nut secured on top.

Need Professional Help?

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