How To Make Basement Less Damp

How To Make Basement Less Damp - Plumbers

Dampness of the basement is caused by the buildup in humidity. One of the most direct ways to fight against this humidity is to install and operate a dehumidifier for your basement. Install it in the place where you feel is the most damp. However this isĀ  not exactly fixing the problem – it is a workaround for an existing dampness. Read this guide to learn how to make basement less damp, which will help to keep mold out of your basement.

What to Do

1. You can’t control the humidity outside your house — the weather does that entirely. But you can control the humidity inside your house by making sure that the humid air outside doesn’t seep into your house by securing your windows. After a heavy rainstorm or humidity buildup outside, make sure that your windows are closed. It’s just a good practice.

2. There is also a possibility that the washer or dryer lines in your basement have a leak — so the humidity inside these lines is getting released into the basement air, making it damp. Check the lines for leaks, with a protective glove, while the washer or dryer is in operation.

3. Windows are not the only place where the outside air can get inside your house. Check for cracks in the wall. After that, check to see that there are no unnecessarily large gaps between the door frame and the door to the basement (if you have an external door to your basement).

4. Any cracks in the walls, windows, or door frames can be fixed by adjusting the frames or using epoxy sealant. Apply the sealant over the cracks and let it dry for a couple of days. Of course, if your basement is already humid, it may take longer for the epoxy seal to dry.

5. If you are using a dehumidifier, try using a heater instead during the colder months. This is because dehumidifiers do not work at low temperatures. A heater will dry up the dampness, effectively performing the same task as a dehumidifier while also warming your basement.

Additional Help

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