Buying vs Building A House

Buying vs Building A House - Real Estate

The decision of buying vs building a house yourself is a personal one.  You need to decide what you value, your current commitments, and the resources you can dedicate to such a grand project.  Your house will be the place you return to day after day, so you should seriously deliberate whether building a house is worth it.  Deciding to move into a new house is a big step, so consider the following points before deciding whether to buy or build your dream home.

Pros Of Building A Home

– Control: you can decide the exact layout and size of your house.

– Knowledge: you can choose building features that best suit how much maintenance you can commit to for your home.

– Expert Advice: the builder can help you create a house catered to your interests and preferences.

– Personal Choice: you can choose to build with environmentally-friendly materials.

Cons Of Building A Home

– Time Pressure: you will be working on a deadline, depending on the weather and when you need the house completed.

– Budgeting: building supplies and labor can run over your budget (you should also account for unexpected expenses, such as necessary changes in design plans).

– Stressful: you will need to manage this project on top of your job and other commitments.

Pros Of Buying A Home

– Options: you have the opportunity to shop around for the most affordable home in different neighborhoods and styles.

– Negotiation: you have some leeway to haggle the price with the seller.

– No Rush: you can take your time, looking at as many houses as you like, on your schedule.

Cons Of Buying A Home

– Not Always A Perfect Fit: you may need to compromise some wants or have extras you don’t need in a home that you buy, as it may depend more on the price than the layout of the home.

– Potentially More Costly: buying an older home is a risky investment, as you may need to perform renovations on it that would not be required with a freshly-built home.

Continuing Problems

If you have more questions about buying vs building a house, ask a professional for more advice.  The easiest and fastest way to get in contact with reliable, local real estate or construction companies is to use TalkLocal. Just tell us your problem and availability and let us do all the work.  Within minutes you will be connected to someone who can help.

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