How To Safely Kill A Tree

How To Safely Kill A Tree - Tree Removal

There are many ways to kill or remove a a tree — but the important part is to do it safely, and if possible, quickly. Read this guide to learn how to safely kill a tree. We’ll give you the tips, as well as precautions to keep in mind when trying to kill a tree.

How To Safely Kill A Tree

Salting the Ground

In ancient times, salting the ground was used as a means of spite after a war, so that the enemy territories would not grow any crops or fruit. Although salting the ground around a tree is an efficient way to kill a tree, it is generally not recommended. Salting the ground around a tree will also prevent any¬†other vegetation from growing in that area. So don’t salt the ground — salt only the tree.

1. You can do this by drilling holes into the tree’s trunk, in a slanted direction.

2. Then just pour salt inside the hole.

3. Pour some hot water inside of the hole in order to dissolve the salt and accelerate the tree’s absorption of it.

4. The more holes you drill, the faster the tree will die, but too many holes may compromise the stability of the tree as it dies, causing it to fall in a particular direction. The tree should die off in about one month, but this could vary depending on the extent of the treatment and the size of the tree.

5. Frequently check the state of the tree throughout the month to estimate how weak the tree is getting. If you find that it is weak enough, you should organize a clearing for the fall and cut the tree in that direction. This will ensure that the falling tree does not damage any of your property.

Suffocate the Tree

Alternatively, you could cover up the ground around the tree to kill the tree at the roots. Use a large vinyl sheet, or sheets, and lay them on the ground around the tree. The vinyl sheets will prevent the tree’s roots from receiving oxygen and sunlight, effectively suffocating the tree from the ground up. This will also kill the grass and any plants around the tree. This process takes longer than salting the ground, but it will kill the tree safely.

Additional Help

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