Earthlings, Have You Thanked Your Mother Lately?

Written by Dallea Caldwell

Earthlings, Have You Thanked Your Mother Lately? - Seva Call

Earthlings, Have You Thanked Your Mother Lately? No, not that mother. You don’t have to thank her for another 19 and a half days. It’s Earth Day, the one day in April when we humanoids take a stand with our distinctively high-carbon footprints to show appreciation for our long-suffering, unceasingly nurturing Mother Earth. Her nutrient-rich soil and habitable atmosphere spoil all of us Earthling kids rotten. We have all the ripe fruit, haughty grains, and fresh drinkable water we could possibly consume — assuming equitable global distribution, smart responses to population growth, and the adoption of sustainable development strategies.

Earth might not be the only big atmospheric ball of matter traveling about 100,000 kilometers per hour around a star and spinning at 1450 kph. It’s not even the only planet revolving within the habitable zone range of its sun, of which there is an estimated 500 million. Yet, Earth is our one and only big, wet, dirty rock, and it’s likely the only home we’ll ever know.  And, it’s blue and green surface is crawling with enough complex life that it makes all the other planets green with nothing but envy.

Of course, the qualities that make Earth so special are not invulnerable to our meddling. In fact, the Earth is currently experiencing a Mass Extinction Event, large numbers of species are going extinct at an accelerated rate. This is the 5th and fastest such phenomena, (the end of the Dinosaur era being one), and it’s the first with a single species as a root cause. But, we’re also the first species with the power to stop it, so there’s a lot we can and should do to keep Earth green and teeming with life.

Here are 3 changes you can make right now to be a better son or daughter to the Earth:

Low Energy Bulbs: The cheapest cost-saving way to brighten Mother Earth’s day. The most common energy-efficient bulb is the Light Emitting Diode or LED. It usually costs a few dollars and outlasts the conventional bulb.

Take 10-min  Showers: The luxurious sensation of steam-hot or even slightly cool water is a refreshing start or finish to a long day, but  fresh water is surprisingly scarce worldwide. So, those of us with access must use it responsibly. Furthermore, the hot water furnace works over time and drives up energy costs every time we turn that faucet.

Unplug Chargers and Other Appliances: This will take some discipline, but every plugged appliance is draining low amounts of energy, driving up energy bills, and growing your home’s carbon footprint one baby step at a time. So, it’s not a waste of energy to unplug appliances so that every volt goes to good use.

Your Home Can Be Earth-Friendly, Too!

Plus, there are lots of home improvement options that make your home as efficient as it can possibly be- which helps both you and the environment: installing low-flush toilets, solar panels, and better insulating windows — just to name a few. You should even consider non-toxic and biodegradable materials for your next DIY project.  TalkLocal can even find you top-rated handymen to help you with eco-friendly renovations. Just visit and describe when and how you want the make Mother Earth proud.

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