What Is The Difference Between OEM And OEE Glass?

What Is The Difference Between OEM And OEE Glass? - Auto Glass Repair

When you are in need of new glass for your automobile, you will be presented with a myriad of options. OEM and OEE are two acronyms you can almost plan on hearing throughout the process. They describe to different types of auto glass. To make an informed decision that will assure safety and durability, you will have to ask yourself: What is the difference between OEM and OEE glass?

What Is OEM Glass?

This stands for Original Equipment Manufactured. When you are in need of glass for you vehicle, you often bring it in to the dealership. A dealership is authorized by the manufacturer and can provide glass made especially for it. This can be expensive.

OEM glass is essentially identical to the glass you would receive at the dealership, only, it might not be from the same distributor. Still, you will likely not even be able to tell the difference. OEM glass provides the same:

– Thickness

– Color

– Shape

– Size

– Durability

You will have to locate a repair center that offers OEM glass from a reputable distributor. Generally, OEM glass is more reliable, but also more expensive. It comes with similar guarantees to glass produced by the manufacturer.

What Is OEE Glass?

In the auto glass world, OEE glass is the equivalent to an off brand. OEE glass — an acronym that stands for Original Equipment Equivalent — is after market glass. The companies that produce it do not contract with the manufacturers. They are also not legally allowed to create glass of identical thickness, color, shape, and so forth.

Price is a major draw for OEE glass; it is significantly cheaper than OEM glass. However, you get what you pay for. OEE glass does not come with many guarantees and the glass will be noticeably different from manufacturer or OEM glass. But, if you simply want to replace a broken windshield or window at a decent price, OEE glass does the job.

Locate Auto Glass Repair Pros

Still wondering: What is the difference between OEM and OEE glass? It’s easy to find out what local auto glass repair shops can offer you. Simply sign on to TalkLocal and put out a call for help. You can even specify if you are in the market for OEM or OEE glass. Only relevant professionals will contact you to help you out.

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