Is It Better To Replace Or Rebuild A Transmission?

Is It Better To Replace Or Rebuild A Transmission? - Auto Repair

No one ever wants to hear the dreaded words that their car is going to need a new transmission.  Replacing the transmission is most likely one of the most expensive operations that your car will need, due to the fact that transmission repairs are incredibly complex and time-consuming.  Ultimately, when replacing your transmission, you have two choices: rebuilding the transmission or installing a completely new transmission.  So, is it better to replace or rebuild a transmission?  Read on to find out the pros and cons of each option.

Rebuilding Your Transmission

Rebuilding your transmission means that the transmission will be disassembled and inspected. The damaged or worn parts are replaced until it reaches factory specifications.  This may involve replacing not only the rubber gaskets and bands, but also replacing any damaged moving parts in the transmission as well.  Due to the complicated nature of transmissions, rebuilding a transmission requires a transmission specialist to remove it from the car, rebuild it manually, and then reinstall it.

The real power of rebuilding your transmission lies in the fact that you can rebuild your transmission with updated parts that manufacturers created to address weaknesses in the initial design.  However, while this method ensures that you have the most updated parts for your transmission, it unfortunately takes time to find a quality transmission specialist and even longer to perform the work correctly.

Installing A New Transmission

Unfortunately, you most likely will not be able to find truly “new” transmissions, as those are almost always exclusively kept for the production of new cars.  If you purchase a transmission from the dealer, you’ll most likely be getting a remanufactured transmission, which undergoes the same process as rebuilding the transmission, but in a specialized, factory setting.

If you’re needing a quick fix, installing a new transmission may be the quickest option as the new transmission already has been pre-built to factory specifications.  However, you may be purchasing a remanufactured transmission that was created a couple years ago, so it doesn’t have the most recent parts and fixes.

Find A Transmission Specialist

It ultimately becomes a question of time and cost.  Rebuilding your transmission with a quality specialist will take more time and money, but may result in a longer-lasting transmission.  On the other hand, installing a remanufactured transmission will also ensure that you have a factory-approved transmission quickly and promptly.  If you’re considering either method, you should always consult an auto repair technician before you make a decision.  TalkLocal can connect you with high-quality, local mechanics in no time, for free!

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  1. Maggie Allen says:

    I think it is so awesome that you can actually rebuild the transmission in the first place. Before reading this, I just thought that your only option was to replace it. Plus, it sounds like it is possible for a rebuilt transmission to be cheaper since you would have to buy less parts for it. However, it also depends on how long it would take the mechanic to work on it.

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