Paint Peeling On Car Exterior

Paint Peeling On Car Exterior - Auto Repair

It’s a lot of work trying to keep your car’s paint job looking top-notch. It’s another thing trying to maintain a poor paint job. The casual vehicle owner might not know why a paint job would start to peel, let alone how to fix it. After all, you can’t just hire a painter to touch up your car when they’re done painting the fence or kitchen. There are a lot of elements to consider when it comes to degradation or paint peeling on car exterior.

Paint Peeling On Car Exterior?

Typically, with newer paint jobs, peeling occurs when there’s too much time between coats or if there is no primer applied. It starts with chips, dents, and scratches. Tiny rocks, harsh rain, and the sun all combine to slowly erode the car’s exterior radiance. Even with body-glazers or touch-up paints, there is no guaranteed solution. It’s very important to keep your car cleaned and waxed as a preventative measure against paint damage. A great local car wash and wax is an affordable solution when it comes to such prevention. For most vehicles, however, degrading paint is inevitable after years of driving.

Get A New Paint Job

So how do you fix a car with peeling paint? Unfortunately, you’re going to need to strip the vehicle of all the old paint first and then apply a fresh coat of primer and paint. Since the proper equipment and materials are rather expensive and difficult to obtain, it is generally quite difficult for the average vehicle owner to paint their vehicle to its original, professional luster.

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