Criminal Appeal Bonds

Criminal Appeal Bonds - Bail Bonds

If a person is found guilty in a criminal or civil court of law, they can still take further action to prove their innocence. If the person believes they were wrongfully convicted, they can file an appeal, which will essentially push the “restart” button on the entire case and both sides will make their arguments once again in court.

Appeals can make for very time-consuming trials, which tie up local judges and courtrooms. This costs local governments money. So, in an attempt to limit convicted individuals from filing an appeal even though the case does not merit one, a judge can use criminal appeal bonds as a tool.

What Are Criminal Appeal Bonds?

When a judge requests a criminal appeal bond, they are asking the man or woman who is filing the appeal to put up money that would cover the cost of the appeal if they were not successful. Criminal appeal bonds can also include the amount of money awarded in a verdict during the trial.

By forcing convicted individuals to invest money into their appeal, it will hinder people from appealing when they know they have no chance of winning, but are simply trying to prolong the process.

When Are Criminal Appeal Bonds Used?

Like traditional bail bonds, these are normally only required when the judge allows a convicted man or woman to go free from jail pending their appeal on criminal charges. Again, just like normal bail bonds, the convicted individual must prove to a judge that they are not a flight risk and that they are willing to show up at court for all of the necessary hearings. Depending on which state you live in, the bond might include a number of specific conditions as well.

If the individual pleaded guilty or no contest during the initial criminal trial, but then appeals the decision, they are not likely to be released from jail pending the appeals process on a criminal appeal bond.

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